m i n i   s e s s i o n

Christmas Story

N O V E M B E R  2 0 2 2

m i n i   s e s s i o n



-  3 different beautiful and unique scenes
-  3 finnal pictures carefully edited / pictures to download via link /

-  30 - 45 minutes session in studio in Dunbar
-  access to original vintage props and beautiful clothes*
-  help and huge attention to details during the session
-  a lot of patience and very helpful advices about poses
-  private proof gallery to choose your favorite pictures
-  fun and great memories on beautiful photos 

EXTRAS: / extra costs / 
-  extra edited photos available for purchase
-  prints available for purchas
-  photo products available for purchas

-  Christmas Mini session is great for children, family and pets / max 5 people /
-  Child who is not able to sit by own need to be on adults hands
£55 deposit is non refundable. Rest of the payment need to be paid during the session time by cash or bank transfer.
- you will get email reminder 24h before the session

Book your Christmas Mini Session up to 20th of August 2022

and get EXTRA FREE

 1 edited digital picture 

Book your Christmas Mini Session now and join to the privete VIP Christmas Mini group on fb.

Yes, all is almost ready but still many details to finish. As a member you can see the whole scenes now, before official promotion :)  You can follow progress of preparations and watch special videos 'behing the scene'.
Acces to videos for VIP group members only. 
You can be a part of the Christmas Mini team and help me to decide about some decoration details. 
You can aks about everything in anytime. Also you will get the help about choice of waredrobe. 
I will show you what is availabe in studio: dresses, coats, hats, shorts and hairbands. 


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Christmas Story