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I am Patricia, the face behing  pL Photography.

I'm a freelance photographer with my own cosy photo studio in Dunbar where I photograph mainly little humans and their families  :)

Since 2015 I am working as a interior and property  photographer, mostly for private airbnb clients and local businesses.

Also I am a product,  food photographer and stylist for restaurants, hotels and other places with delicious food.

I am ready to help you in any other photo project as well.

I am very friendly person, so don't be afraid to email me, text or call if you have any questions.

a bit more about me...

Orginally I'm from Wroclaw, beautiful city in Poland ... Yes, I like Pierogi ;) 

As a teanager I started education in Art School and it's my most valuable experience.

I came to Scotland in 08/08/2008 and I was 28 ;) Two years later I openened my flower shop on the High Street in Dunbar. It was a moment when I started my real photo journey as well :)