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Becoming a photographer was a journey,
not a destination

As a young girl with a passion for art, I embarked on my artistic journey at the tender age of 12,

when I knew I wanted to attend art school.

It all began with a pencil in hand, as I meticulously sketched my first human model. 

My art teacher, who remains my friend to this day, taught me the nuances of human proportion and beauty of his form. She instilled in me the importance of observing and studying the world around me as an artist.

One such memorable experience was when she took me to a park and asked me to notice the many colors that adorned the green trees and the vast blue sky.

Appreciation for the natural world deepened my understanding of art and continues to inspire my creative endeavors.


I am Patricia, the visionary behind pL Photography since 2015, portrait award winner and creative photographer with cozy photo studio & props room in the charming town of Dunbar.  

 The essence of life in portraits

I am the portrait photographer of little ones, the adult whisperer, and the family memory - maker.
From giggles to grins, I'm here to capture all the moments that make your heart sing.

I believe that the best memories are the ones that feel authentic and true to who we are. That's why I approach each shoot with a focus on capturing the real personalities and unique characteristics of my models. 

My warm and inviting photography style creates a comfortable atmosphere for families and children to relax, be themselves, and have fun. As a result you get a set of natural and genuine images that truly reflect the love, joy, and connection that exist within every family.

With a big attention to detail, I work tirelessly to create images that are not only visually beautiful but also emotionally impactful. 

Whether you're looking for portraits to hang on your walls or memories to cherish for a lifetime. I always strive to deliver results that exceed your expectations and tell your unique story in the most beautiful way possible.

But wait, there's more!

Commercial images for business glow

In commercial photography, every detail matters, and that's why I truly love it.

I specialize in property and interior photography, partnering with real estate agencies, Airbnb hosts, and a variety of businesses to create professional and eye-catching images that help showcase their offerings with style and impact.

In addition to property and interior photography, I also bring my expertise to the world of food photography and styling.

I capture the delicious allure of every dish in my mouth-watering images, showcasing the tantalizing flavors and irresistible aromas to entice the viewer's taste buds.

I approach each project with a creative and collaborative mindset, working closely with my clients to understand their vision and bring it to life through my images. Whether it's a property, interior, or food, I strive to create visuals that are not only eye-catching but also the essensce of the brand, which will connect with the audience on a deeper level.

Soon you can read more about specific types of photography in separate sections of my website and help you to find what you may be looking for.


a bit more about me

Orginally I'm from Wroclaw, beautiful city in Poland ... Yes, I like pierogi ;) 

Education in Art School was my most valuable experience ever. I miss that times.

I came to Scotland in 2008 with 7years expirence as a florist. 

I had my own florsit in Dunbar for a few years,

I bought my second camera because my first was stolen and then I started photographing ...

flowers for my business

landscapes for relax

people for fun

food for praktice

interiors for work

My dedication to photography and the arts drives me to continually improve and grow as an observer and artist. I am always learning and seeking to elevate my craft. 

Every day I am here, driven to produce my best work.

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