I'm Patricia

I'm a freelance photographer with my own cosy photo studio in Dunbar where I photograph mainly little humans and their families  :)

Since 2015 I'm working as a interior and propert  photographer, mostly for private airbnb clients and small b&b and hotels. 

Also I'm product,  food photographer and stylist for small buisnesses and restaurants. 

Im happy to help you  even in any other photo project.

Email me, text  or call  :)


I'm from Wroclaw, beautiful City in Poland.

Time in Art School is my most valuable experience ever.

Floristry is a biggest part of my life.

I came to Scotland in 08/08/2008 and I was 28 ;)

Two years later I openened my flower shop on the High Street in Dunbar.

It was a moment when I started my real photo journey as well :)

I'm big animals lover

I had 10 hamsters, guinea pig, ferret, dog, hedgehog and another hamster.
I'm not scared of mouses but and I'm scared of spiders.

I'm the kind of person who says 'Hi' to dogs.

I dont have a TV.

I'm crazy about raspberry and walnut taste.

I don't like milk and I drink black coffee.